Change the file location in the second half of the string to the exact file location of your chosen picture. This is a Safari 3 hack, so it might not work. This changes the blue bar that goes across the address bar into a small blue pie chart. Insert false instead of true to reverse. If you right click on a file you can open it with many applications. Sometimes your OS can get a little confused and list many applications. This is to clear this list and start again. The code below is all on one line. This simple hack changes the delay time it takes to drag windows around in spaces, its currently set to 0.

This little hack enables the double arrow set for up and down, left or right, to be at both ends of the scroll bar. Handy if you like the double arrows. Use System Preferences to reset. This quick little hack for Safari that removes the tooltips you get when you hover over certain elements.

Command 6 enables you to change the magnification. This command enables you to change the size of the dock.

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Use the sliders in System Preferences to reduce this size. Probably one of the coolest hacks.

The 5 Best Terminal Commands for Your Mac - The Mac Observer

This command enables widgets to be placed onto the desktop. Drag a widget around and press F12 to drag it onto the desktop. Repeat the process again to drag a widget back onto the dashboard. This may need you to log off or restart for it to take effect. Adding debug menus to programs is great as you can access a whole range of features. This one is for Safari.

One of may favourite hacks as it lets you see the current path of the Finder window you are in.

The 5 Best Terminal Commands for Your Mac

Its great if you work with a lot of windows. Another favourite hack of mine, simply because it enable Time Machine to work on unsupported drives such as a NAS. Use with caution as it is unsupported. This is a very detailed web inspector that enables you to find out specific information about a page. It is accessible through the debug menu but this enables you to use it without.

You can quickly access it through right-click. Another debug menu I like debug menus this time its for iCal. You need to restart iCal for the changes to take effect. This is a very useful command for anyone who does a lot of fiddling and needs to quit Finder.

If you have problems with HTML emails or you just want emails to be displayed in plain text use the following command. You need to restart Mail for the changes to take effect. Replace with false to revert. If you do a lot of work on you Mac, and you want time machine to back up more frequently you need to change the value. It is in seconds. The default is set to an hour which is Change this value to suit, half and hour is seconds. Sometimes you just need a process to stop running. If you are bored one day you can get Terminal to quickly talk anything back to you using the voice engine.

Replace hello with anything you want. Tweeting To Twitter From Terminal. See which processes are using the Internet.

Mac Terminal commands: Have fun with Mac’s least-known program

Disable and enable Rosetta via Terminal. Blurminal, Yeah, add some blur for your terminal windows. Introduction to Terminal for Disk Maintenance. Mac Terminal Shortcuts. Globally enable text substitutions and spell check.

How to Find All Terminal Commands Mac OS X

Twitter While You Sleep. Change Terminal Focus with Mouse Over. Leopard Tweaking - Another Terminal Commands. Leopard - Terminal Commands for Desktop.

1) Make your Mac talk to you

Leopard Tweaking - Terminal Codes. Now, when using Finder to search for files, even files that were normally hidden to protect you from making unintentional changes that could potentially damage your system, will be displayed. You can also use Terminal to have your Mac say anything you want. Terminal comes with a way to keep your Mac from falling asleep , dimming the display, or showing the screensaver.

Simply use the following command:.

1. Add a message to your login screen

With this command having been used, your Mac will act like it just drank a venti-sized coffee at Starbucks. You can also set time periods up so the command is only active for a temporary period of time. In this example, our Mac would stay awake for , seconds, and then after that time period, the command would be auto-disabled. If you ever wanted to delete your command history from Terminal, you could just use the following command instead:. You can end the stress test at any time with the following command:. If you suspect you have a faulty fan, this is a good time to listen for grinding.

Moreover, it can be used to see if your process is choking too early when it should be able to handle more of a load.

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Now after tapping the return key, the chime will be enabled. You can also disable the chirp at any time with the following command:. Your Mac is configured out of the box to check for updates for OS X and your Mac App Store apps on a weekly basis, but you can change that with Terminal.