Meet the FT232RL

I would still like to use Mac OS to programme my Arduino.

FTDI driver install (Mac) -

If anyone has any suggestions I would be very grateful! The former works fine straight away Mac OS Sierra, whereas the latter needs a driver. Fortunately, someone patched the driver and made it available at GitHub.


There you'll also find some troubleshooting instructions that can help hopefully. This chipset is used in several Arduino-clones.


Version 1. To resolve this issue, please download and install the driver in this repo. If, and only if, the device is not recognized after the installation or you cannot install the driver , please disable System Integrity Protection:.

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FTDI Drivers for Macbook OSX

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. You've already done exactly the right thing to isolate the problem - trying a different operating system on the same hardware, and the result is that this is a Mac question, not an Arduino one. My standard advice when people have Mac problems is to remind them that "it just works", but strangely this doesn't often help.

MarkSmith Hahaha yes it is unfortunate that in this situation 'it just works' until it doesn't. See Model Support.

Arduino Explained - FTDI driver install in under 2.5 minutes (Mac)

As of Apple charges for this capability, and requires use of their tooling to do it. Alternately, you can disable them for your entire system, although this has security implications that should not be ignored. The functionality is still there, but must be enabled from the command line. Run this command in a terminal: USB to serial cables are not merely wire, they contain small computer circuits at one end of the cable that respond as a USB device and convert the data to serial.

These cables are not all the same, so the computer needs a software "driver" so it can recognize the cable and speak to it correctly. You will need to install one of these 5 below.

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Note that with Mac OSX Specified to work with Mac OSX You can try this one, which install open source pl driver and remove any other driver versions: After downloading, you may need to control-right click, then open in order to bypass Mac Gatekeeper. That will return a long list of kexts, including something similar to this at the bottom most recently installed are listed last:.

I have just installed the latest downloads of the drivers and when I go to select a usb driver only bluetooth shows up. What Arduino board are you using?

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Capacitor Expert By Day, Enginerd by night. Personal Blog: Bluetooth-modem already in use. Try quitting any program that may be using it. I restarted with nothing open and cleared all paired items in the bluetooth menu thx Lunk. Yes, when working Uno will show up as a "usbserial" or "usbmodem" device. When you connect the Uno to your Mac, do you receive a pop-up dialog about "Network Device Detected"?